Hi it’s Jim Stewart, Co-Founder of Vacaymyway.com I don’t know if you’ve been following what’s been going on in the world of online vacation rentals but it’s become increasingly more difficult to find the property that you want at a reasonable price. Part of the reason is that the big rental companies have increased the cost to the homeowner by as much as 800%. This continuing increase to owners and clients has made it much more expensive for an owner to list and rent a property. Additionally, the increase in paid ads for vacation listings has made it much more difficult to find a property that you enjoyed and wished to return to or to find a property that you like that is close to things you’d like to do on vacation.
It is important to note, when you are presented a group of paid ad properties, you are looking at what the listing service wants you to see, not necessarily what you want or even searched for. With that in mind, a group of friends decided to start something with the property owners and the renters in mind, VacayMyWay. We believe we can revolutionize your vacation experience by giving you the best property fit for you and for your vacation.

What We Do

Our world class VacayMyWay property search engine is newly designed from the ground up to find the property that you want, unencumbered by ads or compromised property searches. It helps you locate your dream property and then provide a full service, yet deeply discounted (3% fee instead of 14-24% fee) vacation planning function that will make you feel like you are on vacation from the very first click all the way to your post-vacation property review of your VacayMyWay experience.

How Do We Do It?

We’ve enlisted some of the best Information Technology minds on the planet to build the most pure, customer-focused search engine in existence so that we can help you find the property that best suits YOU. VacayMyWay can provide you, the client, with the absolute best available property match in the location closest to your planned activities so that your vacation is so convenient, so easy and so effort free that it feels as if divine Intervention must be involved. To us, vacation should be about escape, relaxation and fun, not stress, time spent driving back and forth and added expenses!
We are getting closer to launch every day as we put the final touches on the search engine design – and it is lightning fast! Your user profile will allow you to search, compare, and select properties quickly and easily. Our goal is to create a powerful tool that allows you to spend less time and effort planning, and more time enjoying your vacation when you arrive.
Stay tuned for our launch page, search demonstration page and early discounted listings for homeowners.
Thanks for visiting!

Jim Stewart Co-Founder of Vacay My Way with Adam Barringer owner of So Napa in New Smyrna Beach, Florida
Jim Stewart (left) Co-Founder of Vacay My Way with Adam Barringer owner of So Napa in New Smyrna Beach, Florida