VacayYourWay Rewards

Earn points with the industry’s first vacation rental rewards program.

Book before June 1st and get 10,000 VacayYourWay Points.

That’s $100 towards ANY future stay!
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Earn while you stay with VacayYourWay Rewards

This industry-first vacation rental rewards program awards travelers, like you, points that can be redeemed toward future VacayMyWay bookings.

VacayYourWay Rewards offers a generous points earning structure along with a flat redemption rate.

Save toward a future getaway with each completed booking.

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How It Works

  • Travelers earn a point for every $1 spent on bookings.
    • Example: a typical 4-night stay at $300/night would result in 12,000 VacayYourWay Reward Points.
  • Earn your points once the stay is completed.
  • VacayYourWay rewards points can be redeemed starting June 1st!
  • No penalties if you need to cancel.
  • Use your points toward any future VacayMyWay booking.
  • More benefits to be announced soon!
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