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Putting profit back into hosting.

The Wholesale Model

Are you tired of the legacy online travel agencies taking all of your hard-earned profit? With VacayMyWay, there is never a cost to list and no host commission. Instead, the price you list is what you will receive.

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Collecting Your Payout

VacayMyWay is the merchant of record, so you do not have to be concerned with collecting payments or the risks of chargebacks. Once your cancellation period has elapsed, a guest can no longer cancel, and at check-in, the payout for the Vacay can be withdrawn to your bank.

Earning More

Other booking channels collect fees up to 212% more than VacayMyWay. Our wholesale model, combined with our common sense and “get out of the way” philosophy means we are not watching over and restricting the way you communicate with your guests, or forcing or preventing refunds and as a result, you can make more profit while providing the most value.

Do you want the freedom to run your business, more profit, and if you need it, excellent customer service that cares about you? What are you waiting for, list with VacayMyWay, today!

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Let’s make booking vacation rentals easier.