As consumers, paying fees we don’t understand or agree with has become part of our daily lives. Take a look at your cell phone bill, cable or internet bill or even a utility bill, all of which are chalked with miscellaneous, incomprehensible fees. The fact of the matter is that we have learned to accept these fees, feeling powerless as these services have become necessities of life.

The lodging industry and even more specifically the vacation rental industry has become notoriously synonymous with extravagant fees, most of which are added at check out. It’s time to say no to the bait and switch tactics the legacy listing sites use leaving you with sticker shock and feeling nickel and dimed. Administrative fees, resort fees, destination fees, pet fees, generic service fees, all ranging from 10%-20% of your total cost!

Enter VacayMyWay, a refreshing new listing site that charges zero fees. That’s right, zero fees.

“We do not believe in charging guest service fees that overtake vacation budgets, leading travelers to feel nickel and dimed. Our approach is fair and transparent – guests only pay the nightly rate, associated cleaning service and taxes with travel insurance as optional – no nonsense. Guests will never feel surprised by additional fees appearing on the reservation payment page.” Jim Stewart, CEO and Co-Founder of VacayMyWay.

Start saying no to the extravagant fees for your next Vacay. Use the money you will save with VacayMyWay on a nice dinner or an experience you might not otherwise have. Save up to 20% on your next Vacay and do more! Vacay your way, with VacayMyWay.